Every day our little Pipi like to explore…

Messy play

This sensory learning experience can range from gloop to shaving foam and allows our pipi to learn about tactile play whilst learning about hygiene practices. Our pipi love to express their creativity through messy play and engage with others through this spontaneous play.

Music and movement

There is nothing more enjoyable than having a boogie with the pipi! Creating music and dancing is a great way for us to express ourselves and learn more about the way we move. Singing encourages pre-literacy skills and enhances speech. When we dance we learn more about cultures and build relationships.

Creative arts

Painting, drawing, using dye, and making play dough we enjoy exploring all sorts of visual artistry. Creative art develops hand eye coordination and small motor skills as well as learning about colours, shapes and textures. Although some of our pipi can’t speak yet, they are more than able to communicate through their art!

Reading and early literacy

We love reading stories together and building language through conversation. Through reading with each other there is a greater development of imaginative play and communication skills. Our pipi have an appreciation for a range of stories and enjoy a sense of well being through hearing their favourite stories being read.

Group time

Our child initiated group times are a lovely way for our pipi’s to get together and shares songs, stories and learn about different interests. Group time promotes healthy language development and provides opportunities for sharing which builds social confidence. It is also a great way for our young ones to develop memory and concentration skills.


Our pipi children love food! What better way to encourage healthy eating habits by creating yummy baked goods with the children. We like to bake new foods and explore new tastes. Using all their senses allows the children to learn more about their environment. Relationships grow as they cook and share with others.

Outdoor play

Having a big outdoor area is great for our little ones to roam and explore their surroundings with the help of the older Paua children. In this shared space we love to build sand castles, explore water play (in summer time), zoom around on the bikes, swing like monkeys, play in the garden and climb obstacle courses. These fun activities encourage an appreciation of the natural world through sensory exploration and provide an area where children gain increasing control of their bodies. Positive relationships flourish with the older children and everyone develops a sense of enjoyment in participation.

Local walks to the park

On some sunny days we are able to take a short walk to La Rosa Gardens, our local park. The pipi children love to get out into the community and experience a different environment. In the past we have enjoyed many picnics there, kicked the balls around on the luscious grass, challenged ourselves on the playground and fed the ducks! Walking to the park gives the pipi some exercise and refines their motor skills.

Family play

Exploring the dolls, pretend cooking in the kitchen area and dressing up in different outfits is a great use of imagination and a great way to role play. Children enjoy modeling real life experiences and develop their own self help skills through their created experiences. The pipi learn to communicate with each other to share their experiences together.

Manipulative play

Threading materials, screwing items together, blocks, train tracks and stacking toys are just a few examples of our manipulative play activities. Our age appropriate resources challenge our pipis thinking to refine small motor skills and hand-eye coordination. An understanding of spatial awareness is created when the objects fit together not to mention a sense of pride of the achievement!

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